Mobilize your data

With our custom apps and services

General DB running on devices


Some data sets are small enough to keep entirely on your mobile device. This makes them:

  • faster to access
  • more reliable
  • usable offline

Try our General DB, Private DB, and Data Prepper to prepare and distribute your data.

They're great for data sets like inventories, lab results, sales leads, vendor feeds, membership lists, reference data, tracking logs, and much more.


Bacteria are no match for a microbiologist armed with the Antibiograms app!

Hospital professionals can also publish antibiotic recommendations using our Antimicrobial Guide app.

Microbiology Clients can log in here.


With Garden Tracker you can easily plant and track your gardens, look up pests, and estimate yields.

The iPhone version was featured in the NY Times. Twice!

Herb Tracker is similar, but tuned to the needs of medicinal herb growers. Try it on your Mac!