Dr. Jessica Minion, an astute microbiologist in the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region in Canada, needed a clinical tool to help distribute her antibiograms database. Antibiograms help physicians and pharmacists choose the most effective antibiotics to empirically treat infections, based on local susceptibility patterns.

She researched the internet for the most well-suited, most responsive, and most affordable company to deliver her vision, and decided on Portable Databases.

With the Antibiograms app we developed, you simply select a bacterium, select a patient group, and you are given the proportion of susceptible organisms for each antibiotic tested in your local laboratory.

To publish the localized bacterial susceptibility data for your own laboratory, hospital, or health region, contact our Support. You can distribute your database via email, and then open it in this app.

Read more about the Antibiograms app in the Spring 2014 newsletter of the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada.

  • Copy and paste entire spreadsheets
  • Select bacteria type, such as gram-positive, gram-negative, and yeast
  • Preview the data before adding it
  • Enter a disclaimer
  • See row counts
  • Clear the database

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Antibiograms Image