General DB for the Mac

General DB is a general-purpose database app designed for both casual users and power users. It is great for entering information quickly and flexibly into a modern, full-fledged SQLite database.

No database knowledge is required to use this app, but you will pick some up as you go!

Distribute databases to either General DB for the iPhone and iPad, or the free Private DB!

Some Features:

  • View and edit rows
  • Drag-and-drop tables between up to 5 databases
  • Import data from files
  • Export selected rows from your tables to a file
  • Active Grid Button
  • Import text files into tables
  • Custom picker types to select values from a list
  • SQL Console
  • See and execute SQL from your Favorites or History
  • Create views as JOINs of 2 or more tables for relational capabilities
  • Print labels
  • Create databases
  • And much more!

Read more about it on the Mac App Store.

Download a TRIAL Version and try some of the features before you buy. The TRIAL version does not show maps for Location data types due to operating system restrictions.


General DB for the Mac Image 1