Field Formats

Dates and Times

When a field with the Date or Time format is stored in General DB, by default it includes the time zone in +/-HHMM format at the end. You can omit that if you know you will always be in the same time zone, or if you want to use UTC time. The original format is recommended however, as omitting the time zone causes ambiguity in dates and times.

There are some built-in functions for converting fields in the Date and Time format of General DB to that which can be used by SQLite date and time functions. The following SQL statements can be executed in the SQL Console in General DB to see how they work:

SELECT utc2date('2020-01-01');
SELECT utc2time('2020-01-01 13:05:30');
SELECT date2utc('2020-01-01 -0400');
SELECT time2utc('2020-01-01 13:05:30 -0400'); 


The Raw field format lets you see the actual bytes in hexadecimal that are stored in a field in a row in the database. This is useful if you are having any issues with your data, or are storing binary objects. They are only displayed and cannot be edited. To change their value use the UPDATE statement in SQL.